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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> the breaking news is in vallejo tonight. abc7 news learned paramedics and officers are on the scene of an apparent police officer involved shooting. a witness tells us two men, at least one armed, burst into a starbucks on lincoln road where two police officers were having coffee. the witness says officers chased the suspects about a block away and then heard multiple shots fired. a tweet from the vallejo fire department said one person was hurt, but the witness said no officers were rounded. good evening. i'm eric thomas. we will be sure to provide you an update to the breaking story as soon as information comes in. download our app and enable push alerts for breaking updates. our other top story tonight, the weather. live doppler 7 showing wet weather moving through the bay area right now. storms dumped rain on the bay
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area since thursday knocking down trees, power lines and causing some flooding. up in the santa cruz mountains and even the koll see yum during the -- coliseum during the raiders game. taking a look at our camera down to san francisco you can make out some cloud cover there. you can see some of wet streaks. we have team coverage beginning withdrew who is tracking the rain. >> live doppler 7 is tracking a series of storms that this evening is bringing more heavy rain to the north bay. live doppler 7 and let's get you to street level where we are tracking another line of showers and heavier downpours. the pops you can see on live doppler 7 there is a line of downpours. the line of showers is knocking on the door of santa rosa. let's time it out. 18 minutes in roanoke park. we'll slide to the south and light sprinkles along the
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peninsula. a light sprinkle at this hour. widely isolated showers moving through. your morning planner as we get you out the door, we will keep the threat of a light isolated shower. you won't need the umbrella the entire morning, but it may pop up five to ten minutes. eric? >> drew, thanks a lot. after a brief low, the rain started pounding again in the bay area. abc7 news reporter lilian kim continues our team coverage from the peninsula. >> reporter: eric, we are llg -- we are along highway 101. the rain came down hard causing drivers to lose control. this is what it was like on northbound 280 this evening. the roads slick and visibility poor. it proved to be too much for one motorist who spun out on 280 near san jose avenue in san francisco.
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fortunately no one was hurt despite the flooded freeway. downed power lines were the problem. they landed on parked cars and the residents in the area lost power. police diverted traffic and ordered everyone to shelter in place. in the south bay they were busy cutting up a tree that stopped traffic on both directions on stevens canyon road. residents of the mountain community say they are used to this sort of thing in the rainy season. >> i am just trying to get home. i was out shopping and found all of these trees across the road. >> the ground got too wet and there is a lot of tree death in the area and it lead to the fall. >> reporter: it certainly has been busy for the emergency crews this weekend and possibly more rain overnight, no one is resting easy just yet. live in belmont, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. more than 6300 pg&e customers lost power because of the storms and some are still in the dark now.
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most of the outages were reported in the east bay around fremont. the utility called in extra crews to work on the outages. today the rain drenched fans and the players themselves. the rainwater dripped from the ceiling of the visiting team's tunnel and there was minor flooding in the stands. one fan shared this video showing a water fall in one section. as dry said the santa cruz mountains have seen nearly 10 inches of rain in the left 72 hours. cornell bernard had heavy winds battering the area. cornell has that story from near the loma fire zone. >> a fierce storm pounding the santa cruz mountains. wind and rain packing a punch. and so much water rushing down and finding any path off the mountain. >> a lot of the roads aren't used to this much rain.
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>> anderson is carrying a shovel to clear debris and prevent any flooding near his house. >> it is coming down pretty fast. itit is not going to soak in. >> not good for an area scorched by the massive loma fire. it burned more than 4,000 acres. it increased the landslides. >> the site where the fire was, there is nothing to hold the soil. if the rain continues like this much slides are going to be continual over there. >> this is as far as we could go . we are already seeing lots of runoff up here. it is hard to believe a few weeks ago that this mountain engulfed in fire. >> lots of rocks are falling on tory row roads. many locals are gathering to watch the storm rage outside.
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>> it would be nice to dry out over several days. we need the rain. >> we are definitely concerned about the people who live here at this site. >> first fire and now wind and rain with more on the way. abc7 news. >> in san francisco the water stood still near alamo square park. the city received 26 calls of standing water yesterday. the number hit at least 45 today. and we would like to thank david for sharing this photo on instagram of this was between the two bouts of rain as it was starting to set. abc7 news learned the name of a suspect killed in a shooting with a police officer. 26-year-old nicholas mchorter died. this is surveillance believed to be of mchorter.
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that was given to the officers the night of the shooting. he was shot while being apprehended. the officer he is accuse i -- accused of shooting is in the bullet. they hope the public will help track down somebody who hit a 70-year-old woman. it happened at rawlins and adrian road not far from the bart station. sergio talked with friends of the victim and he has more. >> eric, her friends say they have known her for years. she was their babysitter and now she is gone. they hope someone will come forward with informaion of who may have hit her and left the scene. >> a bouquet of flowers lay near where lilian garcia was hit. her friends performed a solid duty. >> my mom and dad went to identify her body. it was them and a couple of
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other friends she had out here. there is no other family she has here. >> garcia was originally from nicaragua. she said she was their babysitter for years. she cared for her and her brothers. she said garcia was a generous woman who may have been walking to the local hospital to check in on one of her friends. >> she was on her way because they told her her friend really wanted to see her and her friend was really ill. i don't know if she made it to the hospital or not. >> they want to talk to the drivers of two pick up trucks driving through the intersection at the time. the first is white and possibly a chevy with a camper shell. the second is also a white truck and possibly a toyota with the black bed liner. >> they are considered witnesses or persons of interest. because this investigation is on going there are things they are working on to get more information. >> garcia was found in the
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intersection by a paramedic. he tried to revive her and wasn't able to. a power outage not related to the weather stopped the music from playing. a floating mylar balloon hit east of downtown. more than 100 businesses went dark including fox theater. it happened during the middle of a big band concert. the people we talked to took it in stride. >> the lights steered -- started to go out and we thought it was part of act. you know what? the music sounded better. >> pg&e expects it to be back on around midnight. still ahead on abc nice at 11:00, strong reaction to colin kaepernick who took another knee in protest before starting for the niners. and a show of bipartisan ship if in the middle of the
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republicans in need. >> we are showing you a line of heavier showers pushing through the north bay. that's coming up in the accu-weather forecast. >> and on the road a bicycle ride is underway thanks in large part to the generosity of other
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san francisco 49er player colin kaepernick did not get a warm reception today in buffalo. fans booed the quarterback as he returned to the starting lineup today against the bills. kaepernick continued his protest against racial oppression and police brutality by kneeling before the start of the anthem. outside the stadium one vendor
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sold a t-shirt calling kaepernick a disgrace to america. kaepernick was not deterred saying these are real issues that need to be addressed. >> me as a black man that plays football and considered a celebrity, i am treated differently than a black man working 9-5 in the hood. that's the reality of it. >> the 49ers lost 45-16. shu will have more in sports. to the race to the white house, democrats and even donald trump's running make pushing back after saying the election will be rigged. >> reporter: both hillary clinton and donald trump were off the campaign trail. clinton in seclusion prepping for wednesday's debate while donald trump continued to lash out saying the election is rigged. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and out right lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton
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president. >> without any evidence he suggests he is the victim of a conspiracy to take him down and supporters are digging in. >> hillary clinton gets in and i myself am ready for a revolution because we can't have her in. >> trump's running mate was to calm. they say he has turned to scorched earth tactics. >> he is swing at his own imagination because he knows he is losing. >> wikileaks leaked e-mails believed stolen from john podestas account we -- by what they call russian hackers. while they have not been confirmed by the clinton campaign or independently verified by the news it shows clinton's tough talk about wall street in public got a lot less tough in private. another has aids frustration about her e-mail server. then she sat down and said
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this. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. >> with the campaign rhetoric likely to intensity, a firebombing shocked the candidates. clinton tweeting, the attack on the office is horrific and unacceptable. trump tweeting animals representing hillary clinton just firebombed our office because we are winning. abc news, new york. democrat are pitching in to rebuild the headquarters. a go fund me page has exceeded the $10,000 fundraising goal. it urged people to resolve their differences and not resort to violence. a bike ride benefiting wounded warriors set out. the ride to recovery group left the v.a. medical center in palo alto. the organization provided us with the video.
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100 injured veterans are taking part. it was nearly side tracked to where thieves stole the truck watering water bottles and gatorade for the trip. as they report owed friday pepsi co donated beverages to replace those that were taken. >> now, your accu-weather forecast withdrew. >> well, after a damp week end we are not done with the wet weather. live dupe -- doppler 7 is tracking some weather. heavy at times. we are looking at the heaviest rain is falling in the north bay. it will press in a little tighter where we are tracking downpour tots north of santa rosa and moving through calistoga. if we time this line of showers out from eldridge and wet weather through sonoma. a couple of light showers, much more scattered than what we are seeing.
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a similar set up where we have seen in the past 72 hours some spots pecking up more than 10 inches of rain. but with the abc7 now community out and about taking these pictures and this coming in from san jose. you could squeak in a little bit of sunshine. we would love to satisfy what you see out of this weather window. look at the rainfall the last 72 hours. san francisco, oakland, concord, hayward, live more all ks seeded their -- all exceeded their rainfall in three days. two inches in oakland and an inch and a half in santa rosa. hayward coming close to two inches of rain. out there right now the cloud cover and on and off showers. numbers on either side of 60 degrees. overnight most spots drop into the 50s. future weather as we go hour by hour, picking up nicely.
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this will swing through vallejo and around the midnight hour. don't be surprised 234* san francisco and millbrae if you here a couple more rain drops. the atmosphere is unsettled. we still keep the chance of a widely isolated shower. it is not until the afternoon we can take the chance out. that will lead the the way to a dry tuesday on tap. to keep you out the door not a bad idea to have it first thing. you do not need it. there will be a return and dryer skies. 65 in san francisco and this is a little cool. 68 in oakland and 70 in concord and 69 the high in napa. mother nature will flip the script. by friday it will turn to the 70s and 80s and it will
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last into next weekend. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows an isolated shower possible in the morning and mainly by the afternoon we are tracking dryer skies. clearing skies on tuesday and by wednesday we are sun soaked. rising temperatures on thrs as a fantastic fall day on friday and then saturday and sunday tracking unis shine. mike will track any shower tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> he sure will. an update to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the show. vallejo police confirmed an officer involved shooting that began at a starbucks on lincoln road. the man pointed an assault weapon in their direction in the starbucks. he looked to appear to try to shoot the gun, but it malfunctioned. they pursued the suspect a block away. the gunfire actually began and the suspect was struck three times before falling.
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the major storm that hit the pacific northwest this weekend did not stop two high school football teams in oregon. look at these conditions. buckets of rain, intense wind and it looks like they were pretty much paying on a pond out there. they outlasted the crescent valley raiders. i'm going to say that was not a lot of throwing going on. >> no. the raiders could use some throwing. >> the nlcs at a game apiece. the raiders laid an egg in the black hole against the chiefs and it was ugly on both s
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> well, you hear it every year, defense wins championships and if the raiders want to get to that level they have to get their defense turned around. they gave up 406 yards to the chiefs and 186 on the ground and kc held the ball 36 minutes. defense, anyone? it was tough on everyone involved. carr with a three-yard td pass to holmes. silver and black up 7-0 of the and then it will go deep to crabtree. footing is not good. he slips and oakland native peters ladies to a touchdown. 346-pound lineman stuffs himself in. chiefs up 20-10. raiders struggled in the rain.
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carr loses the ball and chiefs score. broncos are tied in first place in the afc west is -- at 4-2. >> it hurts, man, it sucks. we didn't do good enough at all. >> i can't make excuses for y'all. we have to continue to reset and come back to work on monday and get back after. >> 49ers in buffalo. he did get the ball down the field in the second quarter m busted coverage and the ball is under thrown. we go to the third quarters. a -- avoids the sack and the niners do not score on this drive. the 49er turnover on downs and taylor who will find hunter and a 30-yard touchdown. taylor threw for 179 yards and
11:31 pm
two touchdowns. mccoy, three td runs on the day and chip traded him in philly. a little pay back. and preparing for post game interested views with a little little -- interviews with a little shot of mouth wash. >> it tell the good to be out there and help my team win. >> i thought he did a lot of good things out there. we have to be better overall on offense. it is not just the quarterback, but everyone on the offense side of the ball. >> top two and adrian gonzalez and this pitch from hendricks is a-gone of dodger roups 1-0. and then kershaw will get baez swinging to end the second. just two days after his appearance in game five kershaw allowed just two hits and struck out six.
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then he came in and strick out three others. game 3 on tuesday in l.a. while the alcs resumes tomorrow. plays of the day coming up.
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with the blue cash everyday card you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. backed by the service and security of american express. now from abc7, live, breaking news. >> a man with a rifle just tried to ambush us at starbucks. >> this is new police scaner audio of the breaking news we've been telling you about all hour. two police officers in vallejo shot a man. investigators say he walked into a starbucks on lincoln road west and pointed an assault rifle at the officers
11:36 pm
officers and ambushed. the man then ran through the parking lot. officers chased him and shot him near magazine and sheridan street. he went to the hospital with life thrit anything injuries -- life-threatening injuries. the officers were not hurt. we'll have much more on this story on abc morning at 4:30 and on the abc7 news app. get updates by enabling push alerts. good evening. em eric thomas. we have other news as well. a major military operation is underway right now to liberate the north city of mosul from islamic state militants. the convoy was seen driving toward the city. 30,000 iraqi troops were expected to take part in the battle. they say this was the biggest military operation since they left in 20011. it will be a major blow.
11:37 pm
mosul has been under control. severe weather in the northwest. back to back storms with rain and wind pummeling the region. >> it was supposed to be one of the great windstorms that never was. the 1-2 punch did pack enough rain and winds that in some places reached 60 miles an hour. the crane swaying in the wind covered with debris. trees piercing homes. >> all of a sudden a tree is falling on me. >> it is leaving thousands without power jievment we are used to doing this. >> 90 miles po to the west near manzanita an ef2 tornado with winds up to 130 miles an hour. >> i am not a building inspector, but that home
11:38 pm
doesn't look normal. >> no one was living in it. >> we are just getting started. >> in seattle a father and his 4-year-old son were injured when a branch fell on them. further north in bellingham, a tree crashed through a home with a woman inside. sport natalie she wasn't hurt. >> abc news, seattle. >> two young surfers saved a family after a boat went out of control and capsized. this off the coast of vent vent vent -- ventura. 5* father and his two sons were inside. two of the surfers saw what happened and didn't waste a moment. >> dad and wynn kid -- one kid came up. the second kid didn't. i pushed the side of the boat down and he chyme up and i put
11:39 pm
him on my board. >> the father climbed on top of the boat. the boy grabbed to the leash of the surfboard and paddled to shore. they say the father was operating the boat recklessly. this story will strike fear. in san diego a caregiver has turned into a squatter that refuses to leave and now an elderly woman can't get back her long-time home. >> tonight a community fighting back on behalf of a 90-year-old woman trying to get back into the home she has lived in for nearly six decades. >> i think she is heartless. >> fran is talking about woman she hired a year ago to care for her dying husband. cheryl, featured here on a 2010 episode of hoarders, buried alive, moved into her home. when she tried to fire her she
11:40 pm
refused to leave and even after her husband passed away in january. >> she got to be very nasty after that. >> both women filing restraining order against each other and sharel accusing the widow of punching her in the arm. >> if you met my mother she is 90 years old and failing health. >> she said sharel changed the locks. it was brought to light by our news partner kgtv. we called her attorney and no response. across the country, stories of other owners locked out. air b and b renters caught on camera refuse to leave. never use craigslist, the newspaper or even a recommendation to hire a caregiver. gist use a bonded -- just use a bonded ensured agency. >> bart riders were able to get a glimpse of the future.
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there are photos of today's event. the riders were able to tryout the seats and check out the new features. bart expects to have the new cars by the end of the year. still ahead at 11:00 -- i can do anything i want. >> meet sophia. she has a strong message for all of us about what it means to be different and in a pre duckment. >> he needed
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one pledgets girl has -- little girl has a message about what it is like to be different and what it means. it is catching on quickly. >> you do anything? >> i can do anything i want. >> call what you are seeing here, sophia sanchez in her own words.
11:45 pm
>> are you smart? >> i am smart. >> a video of her mom asking her questions. >> are you kind? >> i am kind. >> it goes 5 million facebook views and especially for this. >> little miss. >> yes 1234*. >> do you have down syndrome? >> yes, i do. >> is down syndrome scary? >> no. it is not scary. >> sophia who is 7 was born in the ukraine. she was adopted by jennifer and hector sanchez when she was 16 months old. joining a family where her older brother, joaquin, also as down syndrome. >> i am able to give my sons and especially joaquin a sibling like him and they can share their journey together. >> which puts the sanchez family in the ranks of a decade's ld movement to persuade people to be accepting of people who are different. >> she is being a self-sd saw et -- self-advocate for people
11:46 pm
with disabilities. >> look how confident this little kid is 1k3 the fact should many people shared and commented on face facebook means that words like sophia's would be no big deal because acceptance would be totaled. >> humans had to come to the aide of a rhino in zimbabwe. he got his snout left in a tire. the tire made it impossible to eat and drink. a local wildlife group was able to successfully remove the tire. that's a problem you never think about. here is drew with a look at the weather. >> way will try to successfully try to move some of the rain showers. live doppler 7 is showing a somewhatterring -- smattering of showers. we'll keep the chance of showers in the early morning
11:47 pm
hours and first thing is there is an isolated shower chance. we should dry out our skies and begin the period of warming up. we'll have clouds first thing and a chance of a shower in the lunchtime hour. the temperatures are in the 60s, our warmest spots in the low 70s. accu-weather seven-day forecast going to show you an isolated showers. and the warm weather will stick around for saturday and into sunday. shumann will take a lot of days off this week. >> you think so? >> well, no because i can't play golf because it will be raining. bay area teams cooperate play football today either. it is true. your plays of the day around the nfl and show you what a real team looks like on deck and quite an ending for the safe way open.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. jay quite a weekend with the pga tour safe way open. first tiger woods let host johnny miller know three days before the event he was pulling out. lame. and then the first rain of the season showed up delaying all four rounds. we had a great finish coming down to the final shot. 5* two and a half hour rain delay, but they were able to finish today. phil mickelson has not won on tour in three years. par 315th and finished tied for eighth at 14 under par and is 46 and playing pretty good golf. shot of the day and paul kasey from the bunker on 12. always did like the beach. third round and there was a one-shot lead on second teen. his tee shot hops on the cart path and was in the tree roots on the par 5.
11:52 pm
he would par the hole that could have been the difference. brendan steel taking advantage of 8 birdies on the day. one on 16 and one on 17. then on 18 for the out ride lead at 18 under three straight buddies. he needs this chip on 18 for a playoff. just watch. blew up on sunday and made up four shots with a seven under 65. redemption is worth $1 million. >> this one is awesome. home state and knowing i am going back to the masters and that's all amazing and this is redemption. i lead for 54 holes and really struggled. >> fun fact, his uncle was luke on "general hospital." >> the ever popular plays of the day around the nfl where
11:53 pm
we try to give you on tour. it begins right now. start in new york and eli manning and has 300 career td passes and 3 railroad swoun, -- the giants over baltimore 27-23. marcus mariota and watch this catch and scrambles into the end zone. cleveland 28-2 sick. andrew luck and andy lead 23-9 and then lamar miller reversing the field. heading back the other way. went 50 yards to score on a touchdown. a laser for the tie then the texans kick a field goal to win it. in new orleans drew brees threw for over 400 yards for the 15th game. that's an nfl record. the 87-year-old score and it
11:54 pm
got them started as the saints beat the panthers. atatlanta taigs a mighty -- stages a mighty come back. tightly covered and no flag and that was interference. coach can't believe it. 26-24. three td passes today and two to the former raider and dallas wins it. completed the record and ran for a touchdown and gives l.a. the lead. matt stafford finds golden tate and he will kick a field goal. ben roethlisberger hurt in miami will reportedly have knee surgery tomorrow. dolphins take advantage. runs for 204 yards including this 62-yarder. miami is schizophrenic.
11:55 pm
one week they can't do anything and the next they beat the steelers. patriots rolling and t.o. -- and tom brady with three scores at home those are your plays of the day. race 5 at kansas motor speedway. he stayed in the chase to fight the finish. 30 laps to go and kevin harvick makes the lead. harvick guaranteed to make the start. so is jimmie johnson. next week's race at talladega, ricky bobbie. game four of the nba finals. tied at 18 and mya moore hits the jumper. sparks trail by two. she's good. tied at 69 and sparks trying to close out the series, but rebecca brunson banks it.
11:56 pm
inbound pass broken up by mya moore they forced a final game five on thursday. now this is interesting adrian gonzalez who drove in the only one of game two in the dodgers victory over the cubs refused to stay in the trump hotel with his teammates in chicago. he is mexican-american and would not say why, but all of us could figure it out. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. that's interesting. one that the team would let him do that and he was mexican-american and i think it has something to do with a wall. >> you think so? could be. did you hear the receiver over here? he was interfered with. >> and it was richard sherman. you hate to lose that one. >> take it
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done. more about the safeguards what? i'm letting you go. previously on "scandal"... david rosen! why is quinn perkins' dead ex-boyfriend calling one of the grant administration's biggest donors 11 times the week he's blown to bits? wake up and smell the cover-up, abby. this is a conspiracy. who knows how high up it goes? i hear we have a david rosen issue. that we do, livvie. that we do.


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